Day Thirty-Seven: A Ring To It

I know it’s not a matter of wife or death, but the dress is a pretty important part of a wedding.  We went to the shop today, for Sarah to try on hers again.  The women there don’t have the best manners but they were nice and polite today, and ushered her through to try it on.  Isle share with you a confettion, I was worried I was going to have to veil my true opinion, and tell her the dress looked bouquet when really it didn’t.  But I had nothing to bride, as it looked beautiful.  She gave me license to criticise her but I had no negative opinions, and we all left feeling rather marry. I wanted to send my Dad a photo of the dress from my sister’s phone, but there was no signal – don’t you find it annoying when you can’t get reception I do.  Sarah is the queen of messiness, and is cere mony when you try and get her to neaten up, but she vowed to us all that she would groom herself on the day, though we’ll have to wed and see if she actually does.


It was an emotional wedding. Even the cake was in tiers.


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