Day Thirty-Six: Lexis More

So I’m a proud member of the grammar police.  I enjoy a good capital letter and a well placed full stop.  I also think that there isn’t really an excuse for the their/there/they’re mix up.  This does not mean, however, that I need to be corrected when I say ‘can you pass it me’ instead of ‘can you pass it to me’.  This is just a life choice I’ve made, and in the same way that you wouldn’t point out food dribble on a stranger’s face, I’d like it if people stopped drawing attention to this slightly dodgy phrasing.  Also, if you wouldn’t mind not pointing out any typos in this entry, as through sod’s law, a blog on grammar and punctuation will definitely have errors.

Asterisk of sounding arrogant, with regards to writing essays, I feel I’m a bit of a pro noun I’ve done so many.  This doesn’t mean I’m particularly good at them, I just feel like I’ve been consonantly writing them for three years.  There will comma time when I no longer have to sit in UEA library, dashing between book shelves; I will be able to come to a full stop.  I won’t have to gerund asking my classmates for opinions on various critics, save my document loads of times, bracket up by sending it to my email, and sit feeling tense as it slowly uploads.  I’m quite proud that during my time at uni I’ve had no capostrophec grades, I haven’t let stress phrase me too much.  But I think after this term I’ll vowel to myself that I won’t write another one for at least a year beclause otherwise I will go insane.


I actually sent my friend ten different jokes with the hope that at least one of them would make them laugh. No pun in ten did.


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