Day Thirty-Three: Pretty Penful

So it’s really nice to be home, relaxing and eating loads of chocolate and generally have a good time. HAHAHA.  I wish.  This morning, Sarah and I trudged through a foot of snow for half an hour to get to Solihull Library to work on our dissertations.  Seriously, living the dream.  But, on the positive side, unlike UEA this library does have the benefit of being adjacent to a big shopping centre, so I feel like there will be a fair few Topshop reward breaks to get me through the coming weeks.  There isn’t, however a ‘Solihull Library Fitfinder’  so it does take a bit of the fun out of staring around at the other people studying.  There was a rather attractive elderly gentleman brushing up on his local knowledge that I would definitely have posted on the site, were one to exist.

Next to us there is a girl with blue tacky hair.  I don’t want to rubber up the wrong way, but I can’t stop staring.  I’m not doing it to highlighter flaws, it’s just so bright.  Earlier, Sarah asked if she could biro some paper off her, and while doing so, told her that her hair was really nice.  I didn’t really know what was happening, and feel there’s a fine liner between being nice and being creepy.  Perhaps Sarah needs to sharpener technique of compliment giving, because I think she’s letting her heart ruler head at the moment.  I felt tipically grumpy after about two hours of work (hence why I’m writing this) and although I really need to crayon with my dissertation, rather than undertaking my staple activity of facebook stalking.  There’s a hole punchy conclusion I’ve got to write and I’ve pin working on this for too long. 


Pencils could be made with erasers at both ends, but what would be the point?


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