Day Twenty-Seven: Cod Be Better

I like fish:

Bassically, it’s going to be another quick one.  I feel like I’m krilling this blog a bit by just rushing through each entry, but I’ve almost haddock enough of it and need a few days break.  I think we all know it’s wearing a bit fin, and needs an injection of life, before we all start to hake puns in general.  There’s no sole to it, and I’m carrying on just for the halibut, and because I like to see things through.  I’d say it was floundering around day six and everything was getting a bit tenchuous, but by day ten, it was offishally terrible.  I feel I need a different angler, an edge, and then I’ll get on a shoal again.  But I trout with just 13 days left to go anything is going to change.  If you have any good ideas for a revamp, please let minnow.  And if you’d like the oppotunaty to have a guest pun slot, you’re more than welcome, don’t be koi about it.


What do you call a fish without an eye?

A fsh?


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