Day Twenty-Four: Branching Out

Straight to tree puns today:

Fir what it’s worth, I wooden feel comfortable letting children climb trees if I was the only one supervising them.  You can cedar danger.  It’s mulberry well for alder children, but little ones willownly try and copy them, and it’s chestnut suitable for toddlers to try and scramble up trees.  They maple a muscle or cause themselves pine in another way; like falling out.  If yew axe me I would suggest the children sycamore suitable activity.  I oak that others would agree.  I know it’s a poplar modern idea to just let children run wild and free, but they’re too young to always make the best deciduous, they have to growan learn that they’ll not always able to do everything they want to, as it would overwhelm them.  I think some books I’ve recently redwood agree with this, and I think it’s cherry important to think about.*

*sorry to undermine the integrity of this blog, but I actually don’t care if children climb trees. In fact, I say let them, and let them fall out a few times.  At least it will prepare them for the harsh reality of life when they’re sitting alone at twenty-one eating a chupa-chup and trying to think of puns about trees.


I heard on the news that a storm caused a tree to fall onto a Bank.

I wondered if anyone knew which branch?


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