Day Twenty-Three: Achieving Goals

I really like football, it is a great game that has really shaped our civilisation and is really good to watch.   I know a lot about football, for instance, did you know that Arsenal was the first team to have rings on their socks so that players could see where they were passing more clearly?  Also, they were the first team to use floodlights, even before they were used in league games?  Also, did you know Steven Gerrard is a battler? Or that Joe Hart used to play for a Birmingham team like Villa or Blues of Wolverhampton?  Or that  Messi, Ballotelli and Ronaldo are also footballers that play for teams? As you can see, I know loads because it’s something I really like, and the above facts are definitely not the extent of my knowledge, I have loads and loads more because I really love football.

In the summer I went to watch my first football game at the Olympics.  The weather was pretty terryble for July, rainy and coled, but I was in good kompany and so was looking forward to it.  We waited ages at the station for a shuttle bus, which parsenally I think there should have been more of, because when the conductor finally beckhamed us on, it was already fulham we had to stand.  Despite the bus not being very rooney and a bit messi, it wasn’t long til we reached Coventry Stadium.  I wished, instead of a small persie, I’d bought a satchel, seaing as there was so much merchandise I wanted to buy, but I thought ‘neymar mind!’ and decided to just enjoy the day.  Owen to the bad weather, the man sitting next to us had a big umbrella he kept knocking against our heads, when I asked ‘kanu stop?’, he just grunted which I thought was the ron aldotude to have at a family game, and he could have had more of a hart.

Here is a joke.  Although Sicikipedia had a whole host of offerings, I went with this charming line from

Why are football players never asked for dinner ?

Because they’re always dribbling !


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