Day Twenty: Pre – Madonna

The nineties were great.  Back in the nineties, I had over ten years left before I had to start writing my dissertation.  I was able to wear leggings without having to indulge in the ‘Is it acceptable to wear a top that doesn’t cover your bum?’ debate.  I remember a good day in the late nineties when I swapped a particularly rare Pokemon card for a bag of chocolate covered raisins, a decision I still don’t regret.  Times were simpler then; my phone would have been the embodiment of technological prowess and having crash bandicoot on play station was considered the height of cool.  Music of the nineties was incredible; for my year three birthday party I had a ‘Lolly’ sleepover, where we rehearsed and performed her ‘greatest hits’.  Glad I got the practice in, as I’ll be cracking out a rendition of ‘Hey Mickey’ at my sister’s wedding later this year.  Hope she’s excited.

One thing the nineties were missing was Nandos. In Norwich, you can get to Nandos down some steps through a backstreet boys lurk round there sometimes, so it might unnirv an alarm you if you’re not prepared.  What’s great about Nandos, is that it’s the level of spice girls like; not red hot, chilli peppers are only used occasionally, and they have a really nice lime and appearl jam they put in to make it more mild for u2.  I’ve no doubt it’s just as unhealthy as some fast food restaurants, but you can make it healthier by adding korn instead of chips.  I’ve only  been about five times since starting uni, but back at home I used to go loads with my sports club, 7 times a month I reckon*.  It’s just nice to go for a meal with some friends and have a west, life gets so intense sometimes and Nandos is just like a little oasis in a big desert.


I’ve just finished making a documentary about the music scene from the early nineties.

I’m expecting rave reviews.


*This is a lie.  I mean it’s a lie I was in a sports club.  Not that I went to Nandos 7 times a month – that’s probably true. 


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