Day Nineteen: Taking The Mickey

As Alice and I have Friday’s off uni, we spent the day doing what normal students do.  Staying in bed until midday, drinking copious amounts of alcohol at lunch time, and dabbling in class A drugs.  Actually, that’s not really true.  We spent the morning wandering around the craft section of Jarrolds, and then the afternoon working on a lovely new jigsaw puzzle we’d bought, listening to Disney classics.  The jigsaw puzzle has immediately been put in my top ten list of possessions, as it is a one thousand piece Disney jigsaw puzzle.  If those words did not get your heart beating, then I doubt we’re very good friends.  And the best bit.  It cost £4.  Could this day be better?  As Disney puns seemed a bit too easy, I thought I’d narrow the field down to villains. They’re not in  the jigsaw, and I thought they might feel left out.

I muntz say, as savvy shoppers, Alice and I know a bargain when we see one. I’m not sure why the puzzle was so cheap, perhaps the casher khan’t count change, or maybe it was just a maleficent deal, but after sorting through the pieces for only a few minutes, we were hooked.  Allie was being a right madam, mimicking my intense ‘I’m sorting out the edge pieces’ face, but exaggerating it and making it facilier. I got annoyed and told her ‘I shan yuse your help again if you carry on!’ which put an end to it.  It was difficult finding out witch pieces went where, frollocating the corners became our first priority.  The top is all sky, and there are many different shades, so that’s relatively easy to sort out if you randall the blue pieces up.  I reopened a cut on my finger as I over excitedly jammed a piece into another, but hopefully it won’t scar.  One thousand pieces is a lotso we’ll be doing it for several weeks I expect…  If you want to help, they’ll always be mor’du come round and join in.

Joke (warning, not a good one)

As a child I learnt a lot of things from Disney films.

For instance, going around kissing women who are in a coma is acceptable.


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