Day Seventeen: Sounds Good

Recently I treated myself to some £1.50 headphones.  I’d been complaining about my lack of headphones since the start of term and decided I had probably spread/acquired enough ear infections to merit pushing the boat out and getting my own.  So far, they’ve been great.  It’s nice to sit in the library secretly listening to the inspirational message of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way and have those around you nonplussed as to why you’ve started muttering encouraging messages to yourself under your breath.  I like these headphones much more than my last two pairs, the first of which gave me small, intermittent electric shocks (I assume to ensure I was paying attention to the intricate technical details of the music) and the second which worked for approximately 3 minutes and eighteen seconds (just cutting short of the incredible key change in Taylor Swift’s Love Story).  I hope, for the extortionate price I paid, that these get me through the rest of term. 

Right, I don’t want to harp on about this, but for those that have been reeding daily, you’ll know I’m a bit crotchety at the minute.  So earlier when I went for a break with my friend Sam, we wanted to relax by having oboe on the pub quiz machine.  We weren’t looking for treble, but clearly the machine was, as it ate our money.  I told Sam to triangleing the machine differently, but it wouldn’t come back out.  Sam and I went to and ask the people at the bar for the money back, I could for C major problems, but they turned out to B minor.  I thought they might think us dishonest and devalveue our story, maybe even call us lyres.  Fortunately, after a minuet of talking they told us the union would handel it and we’d get our money bach very soon.  While I was asking for clarinety as to when this would be, Harriet came over to say cello.  She got the wrong end of the stick, threw a tempo tantrum and started threatening violinence to the bar staff, and I ended up bassically giving her a tenor so she didn’t harmonyone.  Harriet’s aggressive alto ego is pretty scary, but as it’s a stressful time for us all, she has my symphony.  Still, hopefully her behaviour won’t have repercussions.

Here’s a joke:

Piracy is killing the music industry.

You try playing the guitar with a hook.


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