Day Sixteen: Nova-lty Worn Off?

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sitting in the sun as much as the next person.  The problem is the ‘next person’ probably doesn’t have as many issues with it causing severe skin blemishes.  Throughout my childhood, when I complained about my freckles during the winter months friends would reply ‘No I like freckles, they’re cute!’.  BUT when I complained about them during the summer months, after they’d quadrupled in quantity, friends agreed ‘Yeah you have so many it looks like you have facial hair.’  And so today, though I was warm and able to sit in a t-shirt for the first time this year, a small part of me despaired that it was to start all over again.  The freckle months.

Google tells me it’s my own fault, and that it’s my skins way of saying it’s getting damaged.  Apparently I have a higher risk of skin cancer, and I should be wearing more sun cream.  In March.   Well thanks Google, and thanks sun.  Here are some puns about space, which is where the sun is I think, but I’m too angry to reopen Google and find out.

So today it was sunny, and we had our first opneptunety of sitting outside for lunch which in England, as well all know, is a supernovalty. It was neither a bit too hot, norbit too cold, and as I was starving I grabbed sun food and went and saturn the steps.  The sun was burning so brightly I thought the steps might satellite.  Harri and Elliot were sitting together, but they didn’t look happy.  Harriet wanted Elliot to get outer space, the area around her a no-go-zone, and was staring angrily.  Elliot was trying increasingly sjupiter ways to annoy her, acting like a lunatic.  I tried to settle the argument, discussing pros and cons, stell, rationality wasn’t going to work with them, solarge was their disagreement.  There was an awkward atmosphere, and in quasar made things worse, I went back to the library early, all though I didn’t planet that way.  I hope they didn’t end up having a fight, because that kind of behaviour mars the university’s reputation.


The world is £4 trillion in debt.

Just exactly which planet do we owe it to?


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