Day Twelve: In Full Bloom

Firstly, I want to apologise.  I reread yesterday’s blog just a few minutes after posting it and was horrified with myself.  I am not the sort of person that complains on the internet about my problems, even when they are disguised in word play.  I am the sort of person that attempts to slip the words ‘dandy’ and ‘hoozah’ into casual conversation, recites inspirational quotes by influential world leaders to friends going through hard times, and is very reluctant to dismiss unicorns as definitively fictional.  In other words, I am not, the kind of person that lures a few innocent friends and strangers into reading my blog with the belief they’ll find a little light-hearted word play, and then bombards them with miserable, ill-concealed, moaning.  I’ve told myself I will not stand for it.

So, in order to balance it out, I wanted today to be sickeningly optimistic.  This is about flowers.  Isn’t that lovely:

I’m sure you’ll be releaved to hear that this will be a happy post, and not an orchid, sad one like yesterday.  Recently I’ve been in the library working over-thyme, and been driven a little bit daisy.  I think, therefore, I need to get some perspective before I become violetly unhappy.  To do this, I want to talk about the things that are good in my life at the minute.  For instance, I really lilac that tomorrow it will be March, as this is a much better month than February. I’m also laven der fact that the sun is occasionally coming out now.  It’s nice to see it as it’s been a while.  Something else that makes my life happy are my housemates, I relily don’t know what I’d do without them.  My hope, with this list of happy things, is that thistle make up for yesterdays rant.  I’m totally clover my negativity, and hope that everybody else is too.  Iris my case!  Hope everyone is now feeling dande(lion).

Here’s a joke just to add to all this positivity! 

I saw something similar to moss the other day, but I didn’t know what to lichen it to.


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