Day Five: Fudging It Up

It’s only day five, and we’re back to the food puns already.  This is probably because food is the most important thing in my life.  It is the only thing that has consistently stuck by me, never judging me and rarely failing to meet my expectations.  Food has been a constant source of support and enjoyment, and none more so than my best friend, chocolate. 

Chocolate and I met when I was probably about a month old, and though I don’t consciously remember the first time we set eyes on each other, I think on some level I still feel that very early connection.  Whenever I eat it I feel as if I’m coming home.  Asking me to choose a favourite chocolate bar is comparable to asking a parent to choose a favourite child.  I just can’t do it – until I’m really pushed into it – which is when I’d probably say Kinder Bueno, but Galaxy Caramel would definitely get a look in if I’m especially hungry.  To continue the analogy, I’d say my relationship with Peanut Butter Kit Kats is comparable to how a mother would view a really fat toddler; on most levels it’s amazing and all you’d ever dreamed it would be, but on another level it makes you feel a little bit sick.  I view an Aero the way a father would view an academically challenged teenager; likeable enough, but you just wish there was a bit more to it:

My housemates are amazing;  I’m not sugar-coating it, it’s really nice to live with people that share the same interests. Some evenings, after eight, the four of us will sometimes watch a film together.  We’ll get some coffee to boost our energy; Alice likes hers strong, while Naomi has hers the milky way.  Then, everyone nestlès down on the sofa, trying not to rolover into anyone else’s space, and we’ll put something funny on.  We like to wispa over the top of the film, it starts as a ripple but soon there are loud snickersNai always twirls her hair when she’s watching (I don’t know if you’ve met Naomi, but her hair is super curly-wurly so I don’t blame her).  We always end up talking about some weird topic, and when conversation is getting flakey, we call a time-out and head up to bed.  There’s always a ‘I don’t know where my key is, can you get yorkie?’ argument when we’re deciding who’ll lock the door, but we always sort it out betwixt ourselves; usually Alice goes and finds hers;sheys a hero.  We wish each other sweet dreams and go to sleep.

Yeah same problem as the cake-pun day.  I’m so hungry:

When I gave my best friend a penguin as a 21st birthday present she looked up at me and said, “Is this some kind of joke?”

“Yes,” I replied, “and on the inside there’s a chocolate covered biscuit.”


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