Day Four: Getting siriusly ridiculous…

So I go to the University of East Anglia – it’s a fun university with lots of good things going for it.  These positive points aside, it was not my first choice of university.  My first choice was Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Missing out on this opportunity when I was eleven, I dedicated myself to avidly reading the books, obsessively watching the films, and investing in a bit too much merchandise, so that when the time came to apply through UCAS, I’d have a good chance.  I’d hoped that this dedication would be enough to secure me the place I knew I deserved.  I was wrong.

Despite this, I still remain a true fan, and so today’s entry recounts my 21st birthday party, where the university was kind enough to host ‘A Night at Hogwarts’ event (possibly in my honour?):

So pretty much as soon as we got to the LCR some fat lady knocked a drink out of Rosie’s hand.  I tried to give her mi one, but she decided to go and get everybody another.  She couldn’t rememberall the orders and so just charged everyone a quidditch for a shot.  While we were standing at the bar, we spotted a creepy boy out the corner of our eyes.  He looked a bit weasley, and we were getting siriusly annoyed at his riddikulous costume.  He had some weird hedwig on, and was slytherin up to us.  He asked if we’d met before, and to start with we thought he was just a bit muggled about who we were, but then we realised he was basiliskally hitting on us and so we told him to go away.  He said that we were rude, and then rudely swore at us, the hippogriff.  There was an area of the club that was a restricted section which was lestrange, so we tried to sneak up to it diagon alley, but this girl went and snitched on us, so we couldn’t dance there.  We realised we hadn’t seen Alice for a while, and went to seeker out, we were a bit worried she was being sickle in the toilets.  She was in the loos, but only sorting her hat out, as it apparately kept falling off her head, which was a seamus.  The three of us went back to marauding around the dance floor, and had a magical night.

And today’s joke:

What do you call a Hufflepuff with two brain cells?


I didn’t actually find that joke funny, I’m just still bitter I didn’t get in when cretins like Ernie Macmillan and Justin Finch-Fletchley managed it. 


2 thoughts on “Day Four: Getting siriusly ridiculous…

  1. I am loving this daily dose of humour, though some of these references evade me. I would like to request a yazoo or milkshake themed blog! 🙂

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