Day Three: Board Yet?

I just asked Google the simple, well-phrased question ‘In the 40 days of lent does Sunday count as one of the 40 days of lent or does it not count in them of lent?’ and I was very disappointed by the lack of comprehensive answers.  Google and I are seriously on the rocks this week.  I’ve made my own call, it’s day three of forty.  Get excited.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  On Saturday I skyped my friend Amy (who’s on her year abroad in Germany) and after chatting for a bit, catching up on our lives and reminiscing about the good times, she smiled, looked deeply into my eyes and told me ‘Your blog made me want to die.’ 

And so, as my biggest fan, this entry is in her honour.

It’s possible that we became best friends because of convenience.  Her house is a five minute walk from mine, and when we met, she had a pool.  Now she doesn’t have a pool, but she does have a small menagerie of fluffy animals, a really good coffee machine and the most incredible shower I have EVER been in.  Thinking about it, I bring very little to the table.  Amy and I grew up together, and just like any angsty teenagers trying to fit in with the popular crowd, our go-to choice of activity was obviously board games.  We loved them.  And so Amy, though you are 543 miles away, I have not forgotten all the wonderful times we had together.  This one is just for you munchkin:

Amy and I like to play games.  It’s a pretty trivial pursuit, but uno it just gets to that stage in the afternoon when you get a bit board, so it seems like a good idea.  We shut the doors to stop the draughts from getting in (guess who always gets that job) and settle down to play.  Amy likes to cheat*, so sometimes I get my knickers in a twister and poker until she stops.  One time, we were playing charades, and she just kept doing this weird action over and over again, obviously she couldn’t articulate properly what the film was; I really didn’t have a cluedo.  I needed to get it off my chesst just how ludocrous she looked, but I didn’t want to risk hurting her feelings.  Then suddenly it came to me: Battleship Potemkin.  My Dad’s favourite film.   The round had been a lengthy operation, and I felt like a bit of a mastermind for having finally worked it out.  It had caused so much frustration though that I thought I might snap if we had to play again, and so scrabbled to the door, to get out of there.

If there’s anything Amy loves more than a good board game, it’s definitely not one of my jokes.  But here’s one anyway:

I was pressured into this, but now I have LSD in my hand.

What a rubbish way to start a game of scrabble.


*true fact – one time she actually rang the phone number she was supposed to be guessing the location of on a Trivial Pursuit card.  If anyone gets that card, I’ll save you the trouble, it’s Aintree Racecourse. 


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