Day One: A Half-Baked Attempt

I’m jumping on the blog wagon.  But only for forty days.

It’s not gone well so far.  Having debated with Google for half an hour as to what the correct spelling of ‘forty’ is, I’m seriously questioning my degree choice/spelling ability/perception of reality.  Turns out I was wrong, and so on this unsteady footing, I’m writing my first entry.

My new year’s resolution this year was to be more decisive.  The first decision I made was to break my new year’s resolution.  Paradox aside, you get the idea; I don’t do well at this kind of thing.  However, it is Lent, and lent is much shorter than a year, especially when you start it three days late.  I think I might be able to manage it (I’ll be doing the version of lent where you take Sundays off as a kind treat to yourself).

So what to blog about?  My sister’s blog is great, because she is a funny and ridiculous person that funny and ridiculous things happen to.  I, sadly, lack the ‘funny’ and feel if I were to try and replicate her blog it would just end up as a slightly angsty, exaggerated account of all the bad things that happen to me.  As a well established over-sharer, I don’t think any of us want that.

I tried to review all the things I like.  I don’t want a psychoanalyst to see the list I came up with. Ever.  The censored version is below:

Dad Jokes
Children’s Books
A Good Optical Illusion
Harry Potter
Fancy Dress
Harry Potter Fancy Dress
Popular New Zealand Comedy-Folk Bands
The Word ‘Dabble’

It’s  not an inspiring list I realise.  The suddenly it hit me. Puns.  A great big book of them thrown at my head.  And that made me think… Puns! I really like them.  So I will be writing a really painfully punny blog, about various topics from my list of favourite things.

Today’s topic: Cakes.  This entry is based on a true story.

Recently it was my housemate Naomi’s birthday, and we made a cake.  Doughing that you only get out what you pudding, Alice and I had to first whisk round the shop, getting only the best ingredients as we really wanted to rise to the occasion.  After arriving home, the two of us were walking on thin icing, as we discussed what the best way to mix the ingredients was.  I got hot, she got cross, and for a while it seemed like the bun would never get baked.  Finally one of us folded, and muffin more was said about it.  We decided on lemon flavour, because it’s sublime and appealing.  I sug-zested putting lemon flavouring in, but Alice thought adding real juice as well was a butter idea.  The atmosphere was getting frosting again, so I decided to layer off and agree; then we popped it in the oven.  For the decoration, we sponged off a professional cake we’d seen in M & S and made lemon icing and white chocolate.  We had hundreds and thousands of ideas how to arrange the decorations, but decided to go for something simple, classy and currant.  It wasn’t too flan-boyant, but scone-sidering the time frame, I think we produced a pretty good cake.

I hope that was as painful as you as it was for me.  And I can’t write a blog about cakes without including my third favourite joke in the world:

Two muffins in the oven:
One muffin turns to the other and says ‘Phew it’s hot in here!’
The other turns and screams ‘Oh my God a talking muffin!’



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